a school for young children

736 Main Street, Woburn, MA 01801   


For the past 15 years, Moppets has provided high quality child care in our community.  We strive to make each day a good day.  

Using the building blocks of High-Reach Learning Curriculum from ages 15 months through Pre-K ensures  all children are ready for school and confident in reading readiness, math readiness and science readiness.   For summer fun, we offer swimming in our in-ground pool  for older children and infant/toddler shallow pools for younger children.    

Please feel free to stop by for a tour between 10AM and Noon or 2PM - 4PM, Monday through Friday.  


Holiday Closures (11 per year)

New Year's Day

Washington's Birthday

Patriot's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Thanksgiving Day and

   the Friday after Thanksgiving

Christmas Day and

  the day before Christmas if it falls on a Friday or Saturday   OR

  the day after Christmas if is falls any other day

Fun Days

Pajama Day

Once each month during winter featuring special snacks, movies, bounce house and more.

mid-June, weather dependent, POOL OPENS

Labor Day, Pool Closes

The Friday before the Friday before July 4th, Pre-K Graduation

Weekly Menu


Italian Meatballs with Steamed Green Beans


Fish Sticks with Peas


Pasta Parmesan with Fruit and Veggie Tray


Pizza Bagels with Broccoli


Chicken Nuggets with Carrots

For all children without food restrictions, Moppets provides breakfast, lunch and two snacks daily. Snacks are offered at 10 AM and 2:30 PM. For children with food restrictions, Moppets has the ability to store, freeze, and/or heat to serve foods brought from home. Moppets cannot provide special meals or diets. Of course you are welcome to bring in afternoon snacks for children needing one later in the day. Our foods while not containing peanut oils, may be made in a factory line that uses peanut oil for other items and should be considered when reviewing our menu.

Enrollment 2018-2019 School Year

develop-history-background-info (pdf)


medication-consent-form (pdf)


Individual-Health-Care-Plan-Form-EEC (pdf)




potty training 2018 (docx)


Enrollment Forms School Year 2018 (docx)


Fees and Services (August 27, 2018-August 26, 2019)

Infant Services (1-15 months)

3 Days $308

4 Days $392

5 Days $408

Beginning with foods like Cheerios and yogurt, the center provides meals and snacks as well as diapers and wipes for children without restrictions.

Toddlers & Toddler/Preschool Mixed Group

3 Days $286

4 Days $377

5 Days $391

These fees include meals, snacks, diapers & wipes for children without restrictions.

Preschool Pre-K (33 months to Kindergarten)

3 Days $233

4 Days $295

5 Days $300

Children in our Preschool and Pre-K Groups must be fully potty-trained.  We do offer the same preschool curriculum in our Toddler/Preschool Mixed Group for those who are not.  These fees include meals and snacks for children without restrictions

Parents may choose to pay fees either weekly or monthly.  This choice may be changed each August to be effective for the school year and summer to follow. 

Weekly fees are due each Thursday for the following week of care.  Monthly payments are due by 6PM on the 27th of each month (or the Friday before if Saturday or Sunday) for the following month.  All fees are prepaid.  

 For families with more than one child in the center, we offer 3% discount.  For monthly pre-payments, we offer 3% discount.  Discounts are for each child and may be combined.

Additional fees may apply:

Late Pick up after 6PM:  $8 per minute per child

Late Payment fee (charged weekly for all unpaid balances each Friday morning at 6AM):  3% of unpaid balance without offset or reduction

Additional Hourly Rate for any child at the center more than 10 hours:  $12 per hour per child

Things you should know...

Past feedback has made us aware of several areas some people find concerning.  Below is a list of things that may be objectionable.  

Our parking lot is extremely tight and waiting for parking is a regular event.

We celebrate holidays.  Santa comes at Christmas; Halloween is for costumes.  And many, many more.

We are not peanut free.  While we do not serve peanut butter, we offer foods which may have been manufactured in a facility with nuts or other allergens.

We have animals in the center.  Our rabbits, Poppy and Rox, make great pets but they do have hair and dander. 

We have an in-ground pool.  For everyone who is potty trained, we swim all summer long.

Children play outside all winter long.  Minimum temperatures are 32ºf for Preschool/Pre-K, 40ºf for Toddlers and 50ºf for Older Infants.  Please bring snow boots and gear for children who are 15 months and older.

We do not allow pull-ups in the center.  We find they slow down the potty training process. 

Unfortunately, we do not accept vouchers from CCR&R.