mop·pet  [mop-it] noun 

a young child

bairn [chiefly Scottish], bambino, bud, chap [Southern & Midland], chick, cub, juvenile, kid, kiddie (also kiddy), kiddo, child, sprat, sprout, squirt, whelp, youngling, youngster, youth

736 Main Street, Woburn MA 01801 
781-933-0924v  781-933-0619f
a school for children 4 weeks to 7 years
Here at MOPPETS, we provide quality, safe and caring infant and toddler care as well as curriculum based preschool and pre-k.  

We'll do our best to meet your expectations and provide the best child care in the area. 

Feel free to peruse our information pages and, if you have questions, please feel free to call or email.