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There are 7 things about our center that some people find concerning.  Please take a look to be sure Moppets is the right center for your family.

  1. We have a swimming pool.  Each summer, all potty-trained kids (2 weeks without diapers and not having an accident) swim.  Our pool is 4' deep and is monitored by the classroom teachers and our summer hires (college kids).
  2. We are not peanut free.  We do not serve peanuts but some of the foods we offer could have been in a factory that uses peanut oil in their production.
  3. We have animals.  We have 2 rabbits; Roc and Poppy. 
  4. Our parking is incredibly cramped.  We clearly made a mistake when we designed the facility.  We are stuck with it.  So, occasionally, you may have to park in the street or wait for a space. 
  5. We celebrate holidays.  Santa visits (with presents and we watch Polar Express) at Christmas, we Easter Egg Hunt, we dress up at Halloween.  We do projects and small events for many other holidays as well.
  6. We are not opposed to potty-training bribery.  When a child is toilet learning, we will often offer a raisin, m&m or other small treat when the child 'produces.'
  7. We do not allow diapers or pull-ups in our Preschool or Pre-K.  We do offer a toddler/preschool mixed group for those who are potty training.
  8. WE PLAY OUTSIDE, EVEN IN WINTER.  Children will need winter suits and boots for outside play.  If it is not raining or too windy, Preschool and Pre-K will head out if it is above 32°.  Toddlers will head out if it is above 40° but Infants will have to wait for the temperature to top 50°.  If children are too ill to play outside, they are too ill to be at school.
  9. For families wishing to leave for the summer, we cannot guarantee a space in the fall.  We will let you know at the beginning of summer whether we'll be able to accommodate re-enrollment and, if so, we can accept a deposit for your child's return.  
Our center operating and health care policies are located in the office.  Please feel free to request a copy or view them online attached to the website.