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our staff

While at the center, you are likely to run into many, if not all, of the following people.  We work to hire the most fun, unique and well-qualified peeps around.  Hope you love them as much as I do.  {We are often asked about turn-over rates so you'll find start dates for each staffer.}

Please remember that many of our staff work four 10 hour days so you will see the Floating Teacher in your child's room at least twice each week. And, you may not see the same face at pick up as drop off because some of our staff work 8 hour days.  We also ask our Floating Teachers to cover classrooms if a regularly scheduled staff  member is out.

Miss Jill {07/01/04} Assistant Director
Miss Laura {10/2011} Assistant Director
Miss Deanna {02/09/13} 
Miss Marie {02/2016}
Miss Debbie {03/2012} 
Miss Jasmine {06/2013}
Miss Danielle {02/01/16} 
Miss Tiffany {09/2014}
Miss Sashi {12/2005}
Miss Liz {10/2016} 
Miss Veronica {07/2014}
Miss Cassie {02/2013}
Miss Megan {04/2017}

I'm Holley (the Director) and can be found in the office most mornings if you'd like to stop by for a chat.